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Top 5 good organic diapers for babies

The trend of using organic diapers for babies is interest demand of many mothers because it ensures the safety of their children. Therefore, choosing which organic diaper is best for your baby, the following article from Babies Organic will introduce you to the top 5 good organic diapers for your baby should try.

The key for organic diapers to pursuade mothers

Different from ordinary diaper products that have a rough surface, make babies uncomfortable, organic diapers are designed with a surface containing organic cotton fibers. These materials are extremely soft, smooth and nurturing. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to synthetic materials that can cause redness and itching. That’s why, organic diaper is a great choice for moms today.

Top 5 good organic diapers for your baby should try.

Top 5 good organic diapers for your baby should try.

Through a survey of mothers sharing with Babies Organic, mothers are willing to open their wallets to choose the best for their children. As a result, organic diapers are becoming the first recommendation for thousands of Vietnamese mothers

Top 5 good organic diapers for babies, mothers must try

Catching the trend of times and wish the best for your baby, don’t miss the top 5 good organic diapers that Babies Organic provides to you as below.

1. Babies Organic Diapers

Babies Organic diapers – The first Vietnamese diaper brand to develop, research and design exclusively on diaper products. It contains natural essences such as: Aloe, natural cotton fiber, … The product was born with the mission of providing organic diapers, safe not only for babies but also surrounding environment. Babies Organic is increasingly trusted by mothers because of its safety, gentleness and suitable for babies’ skin.

  • Features

– Babies Organic has a full range of diapers and pants including sizes from Newborn (NB size) to XXXL for babies from 18kg

– In terms of structure and design, Babies Organic have a full surface layer, core layer and bottom membrane. In addition, the product integrates an elastic belt to keep the shape, anti-spill wall, and smart diaper change indicator.

– The highlight is loved by parents of Babies Organic is the natural ingredients from Organic Cotton and Aloe Vera. These materials make the diaper surface soft and prevent diaper rashment for up to 99%.

– Thin and light design with only 2mm keeps baby’s bottom dryThe absorbency is up to 800ml, the cotton core is tightly braided with SAP beads to absorb and spread the waste


Babies Organic is being sold for only 249,000 VND/pack. There will be a difference in the number of pieces in the sizes

2. Huggies Nature Made Diapers

The Huggies brand is so familiar to mothers. Huggies Nature Made diapers are an improved product from the high-end Platinum line, bringing outstanding advantages in terms of benign, friendly to baby’s sensitive skin

  • Features

– Produced with soft natural fibers, your baby’s delicate skin will be cherished

– Vitamin E from barley germ oil found in Huggies Nature Made diapers helps nourish and soothe delicate skin

– Inspite of Zero Feel technology, it offers an ultra-thin design. However, Huggies Nature Made is up to 5mm compared to other organic diapers. The difference is big but it is combined with millions of ventilation to allow air to increase circulation, ensuring baby’s skin is dry all day

  • Price

– Huggies Nature Made costs from 200,000 VND – 345,000 VND/pack, depending on the size of the diaper.

3. Molfix Natural Diapers

Molfix is ​​a brand of diapers for babies owned by Hayat Kimya group from Turkey. However, products are directly produced at Hayate factory in Vietnam

  • Features

– Molfix also has 2 types of diapers and pants similar to other diapers on the market, supporting the size needs of young children.

– Molfix core contains organic cotton and natural bamboo fibers, knitting fibers quickly absorb, distribute liquid evenly in the diaper

– Especially in the patch and elastic back of Molfix diapers, it can be stretched 2 times, hugging the body curve

– Molfix diapers also have a color-changing indicator line, help mothers to observe easily

  • Price

– Molfix has prices ranging from 130,000 VND – 410,000 VND / bag.

4. Moony Natural Diapers

Moony Natural diapers are more advanced version of Moony’s diaper line. This will also be an option for Mom and Baby to try

  • Features

– The material in Moony Natural also has an organic cotton surface that is soft and gentle to baby’s skin

– Absorbs quickly, not make feel hot, concave texture helps reduce the contact of waste clinging to baby’s skin

– Combined with 3 vegetable oils: Olive, Jojoba and Rice Oil to help moisturize and anit rashment

– Diapers have full facilities such as dirty indicator lines, elastic waistbands, elastic belts, etc. to ensure the safety of babies when exercising.

  • Price

– Moony Natural has high price of 300,000 – 580,000 VND/pack. If parents do not worry too much about the price, this will be a good choice for the baby

5. Kitin Natural Diapers

– Compared to other organic diapers on the market, Kitin Natural is a genuine maknae. Having learned from the experience of predecessors, Kitin is also growing day by day

  • Features

– The natural essence in Kitin Natural is a benign green tea essence with extremely good antibacterial ability to minimize the condition of diaper rash and redness in children.

– Kitin Natural is only 1.8mm thin, help to keep the baby’s bottom dry and avoid to being too hot

– Soft elastic waistband, breathable joint back, elastic fit, comfortable to wear all day without worrying about uncomfortable belly

– The diapers have watse type, full indicator line is very convenient for mothers to handle diapers after use.

  • Price

– Kitin Natural is currently being sold at the same price ranging from 150,000 VND to 165,000 VND/pack.

With the 5 best organic diapers for babies, Babies Organic shared above will be 5 bright candidates for mothers to easily consider and use for their babies in the most reasonable way.



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