July, 2020

Babies Trading & Investment Joint Stock Company was born with the ambition of designing a suitable Diaper brand for Vietnamese children

With a team of experts having many years of experience in Kid & Mom industry, we have begun research each diaper, the material of the baby diaper to solve the concerns about: Clumping , Diaper rash and Reflux

November, 2020

Babies Organic Diapers officially launched to market with the support of the first 300 mothers nationwide to try the diapers completely free of charge.

Through many stages with many reviews from parents all over country via Online and Offline channels, Babies Organic has achieved remarkable success so far.

May, 2021

Lên Kệ gần 40 tỉnh thành trên cả nước, có mặt đủ tại các Thành Phố Trung Tâm.

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Vietnamese Mom using

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Babies Organic believes that every Vietnamese Children can access to the best diaper at the best price with love and dedication

Babies Organic Diapers – Diapers for everyone!