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3 reasons Mom should use thin, absorbent diapers in the summer

Is the thin diaper absorbent really well? This is absolutely the confusion of different moms. Let Babies Organic help Moms to find 3 reasons why we should choose the thin and good absorbent diaper for baby in Summer.

3 reasons Mom should use thin, absorbent diapers in the summer

3 reasons Mom should use thin, absorbent diapers in the summer

1. How to have a thin and good absorbent diaper for baby?

With old technology in the diaper manufacturing market, a diaper must be 4-7mm thick to be able to hold waste for 3-5 hours. As a result, average a Baby needs 5-6 times to change diapers that waste time also. Therefore, the technology 5.0 has changed, and replaced by super thin just 2-3mm diaper but still ensure the absorbency

The structure of a standard diaper

To evaluate the quality of a good absorbent diaper depends on the ratio of cotton composition and absorbent material. The more absorbent beads (SAP), the better the diaper will keep your baby’s bottom dry for hours. In contrast, products with a lot of cotton, few SAP will overflow easily, sag and not keep the shape, making the baby uncomfortable when wearing diapers.

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2. The reason that moms should choose not only thin but good absorbent also diaper

  • Make babies comfortable and easy to active

Babies between the ages of 0 and 3 years old will have to bring diapers as their daily clothes, so it will prevent them from activities cause too thick diaper. There are babies even usually angry, not eat cause uncomfortability from diaper that affects to the babies’s development. So instead of randomly choosing according to the majority or advertising, remember to choose for your baby a thin, absorbent diaper so that the baby is comfortable and confident.

Thin, absorbent diapers help children move easily

  • The baby is not stuffy, avoiding the risk of diaper rash

According to research, a baby’s skin is extremely thin and sensitive, only about a quarter of an adult’s skin. Therefore, wearing thick diapers regularly will cause heat to easily generate bacteria and face the risk of diaper rash, acne, uncomfortable infections and even more dangerous problems. This is also an important reason for mothers to choose thin, absorbent, breathable diapers that help to solve the problem of secreting and diaper rash for their baby.

  • In the summer, using thin diapers will make your baby’s skin more dry

Everything will prefer the dry and cool in summer. Because the ambient temperature will increase at this time, the baby will sweat a lot. Feeling hot, uncomfortable will be more and the reason may be from the traditional thick diaper. The solution to this problem is to remove diapers for the baby or use soft and absorbent diapers. Certainly the baby will feel comfortable because it is always in a dry and comfortable state. The crying will also be gone.

In addition, it is also extremely optimal for baby to use thin diaper and well absorbent in summer and winter. Mom confidently chooses her favorite outfits without losing her fashion style.

3. Babies Organic diapers are only 2mm thin- The favorite choice of Vietnamese moms

Although already launched in Vietnam market, Organic Babies are being loved by many mothers and babies. This is a brand of Vietnamese diapers, exclusively researched and designed by Vietnamese people. Different from all existing diapers on the market, Babies Organic is the first brand to contain pure aloe vera and ultra-soft 2mm structure that makes baby’s skin always cherished.

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Babies Organic hope that the above article about the reasons why you should use thin absorbent diapers well for the summer will help Parents to have a new choice of how thin diapers good absorbent quality



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