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Exploring the world with 5 senses in young children

During the first years of life, the development of the baby’s senses takes place quickly and strongly. Let’s explore the world with Babies Organic about 5 senses in children right here in this article

Exploring the world with 5 senses in young children

Exploring the world with 5 senses in young children

1. Understanding of the 5 senses

Children as well as adults have 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. These are considered tools that babies use to approach and explore the world around them

Vision (Visibility): This is the ability to receive and interpret information from light entering the eye. The baby’s visual ability is called vision

Hearing (Hearing ability): As you know, babies listen to music from the time they are in the womb. However, this is only true when you apply it at the specified time, when the fetus is large enough. Therefore, you can let them listen to gentle music with a moderate volume

Smell (Smell ability): Newborn babies can smell because they have already sensed food. Even the scent of the mother, the flowers, the food makes the baby look back

Taste (Taste ability): when parents give food to children, they can react to flavors. If sucking the sweet taste, the baby licks his mouth with pleasure, if he sucks the sour or bitter taste, he will stick his tongue out and turn away.

Tactile (Ability to touch by hand):

2. Periods for children aged 0-12 months according to each sense

  • Infant

Newborn babies have sensitive skin. Certain areas of the body are particularly sensitive to touch such as the mouth, cheeks, face, hands, abdomen and soles of the feet. Skin-to-skin contact will help your baby feel protected and bonded. Besides, children will also react to familiar sounds and images of their parents or be startled by loud noises.

  • 2-3 months baby

At this stage, the babies can see things with different vivid colors. In addition, babies’ tongues, lips and mouths are also very sensitive. Babies can distinguish between sweet and bitter flavors and tend to prefer sweet

  • 4-5 months baby

The baby’s muscles are growing up, especially in the arms and hands. This allows the child to carry out the actions of lifting and grasping objects with their hands but still using their mouths to feel structure.

  • 6 months baby

Babies grasp objects with both hands and move from hand to hand more firmly. Children love toys that can be touched and interacted with, like teddy bears that make sounds. Babies know where to sound and often turn their heads instinctively. Babies also often show interest in funny sounds.

  • 7-12 months baby

At this time, children have full visual abilities as adults. They can perceive depth and estimate the distance of objects within their own range. In addition, the senses of hearing are much better, the baby can already recognize his favorite songs and express interest in each of them.

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Each sense will give babies unique discoveries such as food, feeling, memory, etc. Therefore, Babies Organic hopes that not only stimulating the development of the senses, parents should also choose for their children safe quality products through this article, so that Babies have the best experience from the first years of life



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